How to let customer update order shipping address on your Shopify Store

02 Nov 2022

Axel Kee

Customers might have moved to a new address due to life circumstances before your products are shipped out, or they could have just entered the wrong address mistakenly, or simply selected the wrong auto fill, and they will contact your customer support to request shipping address amendment and each support might take quite some time to respond back and take at least 10 minutes back and forth to edit, which could be spent on supporting another customer and earn more revenue! Or worse, the customer didn’t contact support in time, and the package has been already shipped to the old address!

customer edit shipping address inquiry

What if the customer can update the shipping address on their own, without having to take away precious customer support time? Customer also get instant update, which increase customer satisfaction, and you could save on potential shipping fee wastage!

Unfortunately Shopify by default does not provide the update shipping address function on customer side, you would have to custom code it on your store, hire an expert to do it for you, or install a Shopify app for it.

With Address Edit Helper app, you can let customers change their shipping address easily. (Disclaimer: I am the developer of this app)

The app provides interface for customers to update shipping address on the order status page (thank you page), and also provide a link (to the order status page) on the customer account page that shows order histories.


Try out Address Edit Helper app! (14-day free trial)

Limit time frame for shipping address

It would be bad if a customer manages to change the address after the order has been shipped by courier, you can set a time limit for address edit in the app to prevent this, eg: customer can only update their shipping address within 1 hour of placing it.

time limit

Save customer support time and increase customer happiness

Address Edit Helper app comes with a 14-day free trial, give it a try you if you would like to save customer support time and increase customer happiness!

I understand it might be hard to trust a random app you came across on internet, you can refer to these reviews on the app from happy store owners, most of them has used the app for more than 1 months and are very happy with it.

I am actively supporting the app as well, if you have any question on installing or using the app, you can always email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Axel Kee (developer of Address Edit Helper app)

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