How to change Shopify Checkout flow to three page checkout

24 Nov 2023

Axel Kee

Shopify has rolled out one page checkout to all stores earlier this year (2023), but some merchants has seen significant drop on their conversion rate after the one page checkout was rolled out, and it wasn’t reversible for non Shopify Plus merchant, for a long while.

At 17 November 2023, Shopify announced that all merchants (including non Plus) can now revert to three page checkout (multi page checkout)!

If your store’s conversion rate has been affected by the one page checkout, you can revert back to the three page checkout using the following steps.

Go to your Shopify Admin > Themes, and click “Customize” on your current theme :

Click customize on your theme

In the theme editor, navigate to the “Checkout” page :

Navigate to checkout page

Open the Theme settings :

Open your theme settings

Scroll to the “Checkout” section on the left section, and expand it : Click customize on your theme

Find the “Checkout layout”, then change it to “Three page checkout” Click customize on your theme

After saving the changes, your store will use the three page layout for checkout.

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