How to hide “Add to cart / Buy now” button and replace with contact us link

07 Aug 2021

Axel Kee

There might be some products which you don’t want customers to be able to purchase online due to licensing issues, or the product is only available to purchase in-person in store due to regulation etc.

This tutorial will guide you on how to hide the add to cart / buy now button, and optionally replace it with a “contact us” link. This tutorial will require you to edit code of your theme, knowledge of HTML / CSS / Liquid would help but it is not required.

before and after

Create a new product template and section

First thing, create a new product template. Select “Theme” > “Actions” > “Edit codeedit code

Click “Add new template”, then select “product” for template, “liquid” as template type, and name it as “product.contactus” , and click “Create template”.

add new template

product liquid template

Open the newly created “product.contactus.liquid” file, then find the part that is similar to section "product-template". (Can be “product-form” on some theme). Remember this name, as we are going to open this section file next.


Next, open the section file (eg: product-template.liquid, in the sections folder), and select all (Ctrl + A or Command + A) and copy (Ctrl + C or Command + C) : product-section-open

We will going to paste this in the new section we are going to create.

Create a new section, and name it as product-contactus-template . new section new section-2

Next, replace the code of the newly created section with the code we copied just now. Select all (Ctrl + A or Command A), backspace and paste (Ctrl + V or Command + V), and click Save.

paste new section

Get the parent class name of the add to cart / buy button, and hide it

Next, open your product page in your web browser. Right click on the “Add to cart” button, then select “Inspect” / “Inspect Element” , this will show the HTML code of the buttons. Then move your mouse to the code area, and slowly move up until the highlighted area includes both “Add to cart” and “checkout” button.

Then check the class="..." part, and copy the first word (separated by space), this is the class name which we will use later to hide the add to cart / buy now buttons.

Demo video :

From the example video above (from my store theme), the class name is product-form__item (yours might differ). Copy this word, then open the section file you have created previously (product-contactus-template.liquid).

At the bottom of product-contactus-template.liquid, add this block of code :

{% stylesheet %}

.product-form__item {
  display: none;

{% endstylesheet %}

Replace the “.product-form__item” with the word you have copied just now, remember to add a dot (.) before the word, as the dot means “class name”. This block of code tells your Shopify store to hide the part containing add to cart / buy now button, with the “display : none” code.

Eg: if your class name is product-form__controls-group, then it should look like this instead :

{% stylesheet %}

.product-form__controls-group {
  display: none;

{% endstylesheet %}

Press save, it should look like this : pasted code

Update the new product template

Open the new product template created just now (“product.contactus.liquid”), then find the part that is similar to section “product-template”. (Can be “product-form” on some theme).

product contactus template

And then change this part to product-contactus-template , which is the name of section we modified just now.

{% section 'product-contactus-template' %}

Press save, then in your Shopify Admin, go to the Product you want to hide add to cart / buy button.

And change the Theme template to “contactus” , this will use the “product.contactus.liquid” file to display the product. product template

Press save, then now when you view the product page, the “Add to cart” and “Buy now” button is gone! You can change the theme template for all the products which you want to hide the add to cart / buy button.

This part assumes you want to use the same design / style of the add to cart button for the contact us link.

To replicate the design of add to cart button, we first have to get the class name of the add to cart button.

Open your product page (which uses the normal product template, not the contactus template) in your web browser. Right click on the “Add to cart” button, then select “Inspect” / “Inspect Element” , and then copy all the classes of that button :

button classes

And also remember the code for the add to cart button (<button type="submit" name="add ....>), as we will need to find for this part in the product template later.

Next, go to the contact us section template (product-contactus-template.liquid, under sections folder), and find the code of add to cart button, and then go up to the parent with the class name (the class name we used in the previous section). contact-us-code

And then find the ending part of the parent (</div>), and add code below it to show the “Contact Us” link :

<a href="" class="btn product-form__cart-submit btn--secondary-accent">Contact Us for pricing</a>

The href would be the URL to your store’s contact us page, and paste the classes you copied just now from the add to cart button into the class (‘btn … btn–secondary-accent’). You can change the “Contact Us for pricing” to any text you want.

Click “Save”, then go to the product page that has contactus template chosen, then you should see a contact us link there : contact us button

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